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Steamboat Flaming Galah

Nation: AUS

5.90 m
1.50 m
engine: Own Design
63.5 + 63.5 x 63.5
2 1/2" + 2 1/2" x 2 1/2"
boiler: Flash Steam
Prop: 356 x 584 mm / 14" x 23" > Ratio = 1 : 1.64

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 1
Picture 1
Hi Rainer,
I have admired your website for many years, and now I would like to include information on my steamboat 'Flaming Galah'. The hull is a lightweight Sharpie 19'6 x 4'6' (5.9 x 1.5m). Engine is 2.5" x 2.5" ( 63.5 x 63.5) twin cylinder single acting, converted from compressor (cranks at 180 deg) using Hackworth/Marshall valve gear.

Boiler uses 24 ft x 5/16" plus 36ft x 3/8"copper monotube, plus 18ft x 5/16"copper steam dryer coil in the stack. Fired by 12volt air-atomised oil burner with diesel fuel.

I have been experimenting with monotubes over the past 10 years, and this is the most successful to date. Boat speed is around 6 knots at 120 psi, using 14"x23" propellor.

John, SL 'Flaming Galah'
South Australia, AUSTRALIA

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 2
Picture 2
I built the boat 15 years ago, starting with a wreck of a hull and a home-made engine, and used second-hand materials as much as possible. Unable to afford the cost of a new watertube boiler, I decided to try a monotube, starting with an old steam-cleaner. This had a large steel coil (120 ft x 5/8" bore) but was tricky to use... it would either prime badly, or overheat, with masses of superheated steam. When it eventually rusted out, I tried several different versions using small- bore stainless steel ( 4.8 mm 316 ) but found that pumping effort was draining too much power. Also, my inefficient engine used too much steam!

Last year I rebuilt the engine with new cylinders, pistons, and a piston valve to replace the worn-out slide valve. Had trouble getting timing right ( not enough lap, too much lead), but it now runs like a sewing- machine. The copper monotube makes steam quickly, using radiant heat from the burner (the stainless coils needed much more direct heat) and is controlled using a thermostat (cut-out) on the burner). This keeps the steam at an acceptable temperature.

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 3
Picture 3

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 4
Picture 4

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 5
Picture 5

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 6
Picture 6

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 7
Picture 7

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 8
Picture 8

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 9
Picture 9
Crewman Rob takes over

Steamboat Flaming Galah - Picture 10
Picture 10
Here we are chasing paddlesteamers Ruby and Industry at Renmark on the River Murray

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